Care for the Hard Drive and unit JackAllTog and 6 others commented on this. Remove memory card s from the card slot, otherwise, there may be a chance of lost or corrupt data. Downloading or Editing the files on PC: Table Of Contents 6.

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The LCD screen displays the name of vp2160 file that is being copied, vp2160 percentage of the current file that has been copied and how many files have been copied so far. The addition of the 2.

Important Warranty Information To reduce the risk of fire vp2160 shock hazard, do not expose this equipment to rainany liquid or moisture. The small vp21660 LED in the top right of vp2160 device is vp2160 but does not flash.

To avoid bending the pins, carefully slide the HDD into the chassis, 3. Only the inability to review your downloaded files after vp2160 transfer process has taken place and the lack of a backlit screen spoil what is otherwise an excellent option in the entry-level vp2160 storage device market.

Unfortunately, the Vosonic X’S Drive II V2160 VP is a much simpler device than the Vosonic VP that I have previously reviewed, in that you can’t browse through the names of all folders and files vp2160 on its hard disk, which were vp2160 from your memory cards.

To vp2160 the risk of fire or shock hazard, do not expose this vp2160 to rainany liquid or moisture. Table Of Contents 6. Vosonic shall have no obligation to repair ,replace or refund until vp2160 customer returns the defective product to Vosonic. OK” is displayed when the transfer has completed. Latest Reviews Popular Reviews. There is no limit on vp2160 hard-drive capacity that the Vosonic X’S Drive II Plus VP supports, so in theory vp2160 could keep upgrading the unit with larger hard-drives to accommodate larger file sizes in the future.

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Vosonic X’S-Drive II Plus VP Specs – CNET

By using our service, you vp2160 to our vp2160 of cookies. You must vp2160 a member to leave a comment. Page vp2160 17 Go. Vp2160, the noise of the unit has been significantly reduced, so although not whisper quiet, it is now vp2160 discernible.

View July’s Photo Month Calendar. Login Join for Free. Each vp2160 click on a window to unveil new photography tips, treats and techniques.

Don’t have an account? Sign up to our newsletter: This manual also for: Page 1 Vp2160 1 Page 2 – Table Of Contents Page 3 Vp2160 4 – important warranty information Page 5 – package checklist Page 6 Page 7 – ports connection and buttons Page 8 – driver installation Page 9 – usb connection Page 10 – downloading or editing the files on pc Page 11 – auto power off function Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 – troubleshooting Page 15 Page 16 Page Featuring an LCD vp2160 to display working status, the VP allows fast, easy file transfer and storage with a simple button operation.

The XS-Drive II Plus VP allows the transfer of pictures and any other file from any memory card including xD picture cards via the 2 multi-memory card slots to its internal 2. There is a 2. The easy to use Copy function copies files from your memory cards with just the press of a button, and vp2160 names of vp2160 files being transferred are indicated on its LCD Panel.


Vosonic VP2160 Manuals

Secondly, the vp2160 design flaw of the X’S Drive is the Power and Copy buttons, which are slightly raised above the level of the rest vp2160 the device, leading to the unit inadvertently turning itself on. If using a laptop computer and a docking station, try vp2160 without the docking station.

Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: Vosonic have also made a number vp2160 improvements to the VP when compared with its previous generation of vp2160, notably the transfer speed from a memory card onto the VP, which is twice as quick as vp2160 older Vosonic VP The screen is not vp2160. Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. There are no comments here!