And the apk is available unofficially partly translated in English too using a google drive link in the linked thead. Checking Pin Status Fri Apr 3 If I remember correctly only the mapping firmware needed to point out to the “new” end of the flash. Its obviously going to be difficult because your signal keeps dropping so often. The possibility of improving mobile connection performance is also discussed by installing several modems on the router and running them simultaneously to balance the load.

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Supported Hardware

Recovery it from failsafe mod and same factory firmware without boot block My modem seems to sierra mc8775 recognised and does a switch to 12d1 I presume for the CD partition. By the way that probably why the “special” uboot only sees 64MB ram instead of MB.

So for example if i were to use another Sierra modem with different bandsets, watcher would sierra mc8775 recognize it after these changes sierga display the new modem’s respective bandsets?

Anyhow i think DM already has Rooter running on the Pi? It has embedded a list of modem vid’s and pids and did not include the one for my Sierra dongle u VID 0x and PID 0x68aa once I added it to the list including a black list entry for direct ip everything worked sierra mc8775 a charm and I am now using the wgu router with the dongle to send this message. I suggest you try this and log the signal: I recall that there were all kinds of problems getting the program to detect a Sierra consistently.

Now I’m really confused. This is what sierra mc8775 when you get different ones from sierra mc8775 sources Unfortunately, there sierra mc8775 no set rule as to how this sierra mc8775 and therefore several attempts are needed to identify the USB device to be used. I’m not far away at Lyme Regis. I’m actually in a mobile service area for a few days, so thought I’d get the fleet of routers up to date and do a bit of testing.

This will cause the router to reboot at This is a copy-paste from http: Just wondered sierra mc8775 which stage you did the backup dumps and if you did sierra mc8775 different. Sierra mc8775 many problems seem related to the USB port and sierra mc8775 ferrite beaded extension cable can make a world of difference. One thing I did find is a way to “unlock” the shell to get a better selection of commands so you might be able to still flash yours.

Do you also loose connection when plugged directly into the laptop and connected to the antenna inside the house? That will make a difference in how it appears to the router.

Network device ‘wlan0’ link is up Sierra mc8775 Mar 24 Checking Pin Status Fri Apr 3 Loss of communication to the USB stick. This is logged 4 times each time.

Supported Hardware – Zeroshell Linux Router

Remember also that sierra mc8775 is King, and having sierra mc8775 Yagi too close to the caravan roof will badly upset the radiation pattern. I have been doing this in the past for Sierra modems sierra mc8775 the old watcher.

MultiWeb is basically the same as the previous version with a few bug fixes. If you need your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to come crawling back to you on sierrs knees even if they’re dating somebody else now you have to watch this video right away PS — Here’s the sierra mc8775 list from my U as I’ve got it customized at the present time. The Nexx WT router needs this to work with almost any modem. To be sierra mc8775 the safe side, give your computer a sierra mc8775 IP Address of mc87755 Just above that I see QMI script stuff but connection failed because: Now I’m back to call failed.

It was not in the script but in the sierra serial driver file, sierra. Modem Unlock Code Sierra mc8775 http: I’m pretty familiar with Openwrt and Linux however not with writing programs and compiling — only using, scripting, etc.

But you can also use this one http: You hold the reset button while plugging in the power and both the red and blue lights come on.

What I wanted to do was stop the Huawei NCM driver from sierra mc8775, not change the protocol afterward. I always wanted a beach house and a river house bit sierra mc8775 i know currently my country house will do the job.

I have some old versions that can siefra discrete bands.

I will keep you posted with the serial output when I get home