Talisman, Are you saying you bought a stick you do not want? I now see that there are so many different types that is can be confusing. We would have the windows 10 driver, but Microsoft has not released any for Windows 10 yet for us to get ahold of. Posted October 29, Of course there are plenty of buttons dotted around the evo Force.

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Posted November 19, edited. We understand you need assistance with your Cyborg Evo Force. With regedit, browse to key:. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member saitek cyborg evo force order to leave a saiyek Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Disable the force feedback in the settings and all will be fine With a little tweaking I was soon able to find a fofce fit. Look at the ‘DCS 1. Works fine in all other flightsims.

Reinstalled IL-2 BoS in win7 and stick works fine. Saitek cyborg evo force CTD’s everytime now. Now, why doesn’t it work on BoS? Posted August 27, edited.

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Saitek cyborg evo force purchase, buyer beware! I will sort it out. Posted Saigek 23, Sounds like a plan regarding Xmas. On the bright side, the flying is great and I love the Kuban map on MP servers. After unscrewing the shiny metal knob that secures it to the stick, the whole arrangement can be split, reversed, and then re-screwed into one of the three holes that run up the length of stick.

Saitek Cyborg evo Force Joystick Review | Trusted Reviews

Using win8 driver installation software I actually got to see that the FFB on this stick is fully functional as it tried to shake itself off my stick platform. Welcome to the Saitek Community!

In Clod, I really appreciate the very soft forces at low speed and really hard at high speed. Just purchased the Yak 1b as a collectors aircraft.

I have the same problem. A bit impractical if you aren’t already using a dual boot setup or don’t have a copy of win7 laying around.

Thank you for your kind words. Hope cybory see you soon in MP.

I’m not getting my hopes up. Another set back now. Again kudos to the devs.

Posted September 2, saitek cyborg evo force The solution if saitek does not provide a working dll is to use UCR to load the bits driver and translate the FFB commands to the bits game. Would be interested to hear about the stick as I need a new one.

Also if I try calibrate saitek cyborg in control panel and test ffb, program fails. A lesson for anyone else intending to get a Sidewinder FF stick and is not saitek cyborg evo force with them. Posted September 12,